Now, Meet Your ESOP Partner

ESop trustee services that work hand in hand with you, your business,your advisors, your employees, and your clients


It takes the most trusted Trustee

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our experience

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Neil Brozen's ESOP Experience Includes

  • ESOP trustee experience since 2005 including 11 years with two institutional trustees
  • Loyal and growing client base
  • Managed more than 125 ongoing ESOP clients and more than 225 ESOP transactions
  • Ongoing clients range in value from $1 million to $ 150 million
  • Responsible for several transactions in excess of $ 200 million
  • Author of several chapters in NCEO Issue Briefs and other publications
  • Made more than 75 presentations of various ESOP topics at national, regional conferences and seminars
  • Board member of NCEO
  • Formerly served on Board of Governors of ESOP Association
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Collective ESOP Experience of Ventura Team Members

  • More than 100 years of ESOP experience
  • More than 700 ongoing clients
  • More than 400 ESOP transactions
  • Ventura's Inception

    After a decade of ESOP trustee experience working for two institutional trustees, Neil Brozen, together, with his wife Mary Wertz, created Ventura ESOP Fiduciary Services. Their goal was to assemble the most experienced ESOP team in the country.

  • Ventura's Services

    Our only job is to serve as your ESOP trustee. We provide ongoing, transactional and consulting trustee services. We serve as directed or discretionary trustee as well as Special Valuation Fiduciary. Transactions include purchase of employer securities for new and existing ESOPs, sale of stock or assets and termination engagements. We also provide consulting services to boards and internal trustees and boards.

  • Ventura's Difference

    We work every day to build real relationships with clients and ESOP professionals. We take the time to get to know you, care about you, and be your loyal partner.

  • Ventura's Commitment

    We will engage in a constant dialogue with you and with all your ESOP advisors. We listen and not just talk.

Ventura has a clear strategic vision

To be the most service oriented and people-oriented ESOP Trustee.


To develop the best practices and highest degree of professionalism, with a dedication to improvement and growth.

This is the ventura way of life not just our slogan.

ground breaking
Organizational Design

We are a virtual company investing in talent as opposed to fancy overheads and well-integrated by modern technologies with team members in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey and South Dakota.

Our unique advisory board of sophisticated business executives discuss engagement and best practice issues. Their deep and varied executive business experience helps keep our work focused on your real-world business.

We engage a second valuation firm with ESOP valuation expertise to conduct a peer review of valuation reports in addition to being reviewed by Ventura personnel. We have periodic meetings with valuation firms to understand critical valuation issues as well as ways to improve our processes and professionalism. 


Our Experience is broad and wide

Ventura’s top-notch team represents more than 100 years ESOP experience, has worked with more than 700 ongoing ESOP clients and more than 400 transactions.